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Centro de Revitalizacion Biologica

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"The Biological Revitalization Center proposes to plan your future with well-being and health under the sign of a renewed vitality and energy."

We cannot say that there is an ideal age to start the treatment but we can definitely state that there is an ideal time.

The ideal time arrives when the first signs of the physical and/or psychic decline are detected, when a disease begins or when our vitality diminishes. 

Moreover, for healthy persons who daily perform hard physical work or for those who work under constant psychic pressure, treatment with EMBRIONINAS« is highly recommended.

Volviendo al desgaste orgßnico, los sŻntomas que Śste manifiesta son casi imperceptibles y de lenta progresi¾n, como por ejemplo: la caŻda del cabello, el comienzo de las arrugas o las primeras sensaciones de debilitamiento general.
To this inexorable process afflicting our organism, we should add aspects of modern life such as: stress, lack of entertainment and exercise, smoke, alcohol, environmental pollution, uncontrolled self medication etc., which represent a scaring threat to our expectations of life and to its quality.

However, there is an alternative to this reality. Our experience shows that our organism responds positively to revitalizing stimuli such as the EMBRIONINAS«. These substances enable our organism to fully redevelop its physical potentialities