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Centro de Revitalizacion Biologica

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"Preventive medicine is todays best choice an intelligent patient can make, and the check up is the way enabling it"

The following diseases and processes will be essentially prevented, improved or cured through the treatment with the biological revitalization:

  • Stress. Vitality and vigor diminishing.
  • Physic and/or psychic energy diminishing.
  • Concentration and memory diminishing.Chronic fatigue.
  • Rheumatic diseases, arthritis, arthrosis, muscular contractions.
  • Circulatory insufficiencies. Prevention of arteriosclerosis and premature aging.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Gastrointestinal and skin troubles.
  • Allergic and immunologic processes.
  • Diseases linked to aging: flaccid skin, hair fall, easily broken nails, sight troubles, insomnia.