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Centro de Revitalizacion Biologica

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"Be surprised, you still have the energy of your youth and you can wake up to a more complete life, because vitality is Your right."

The check-up is performed without the need of any internment, and the use of non-invasive, highly technological equipment which identifies quickly and safely, the biologic alterations that, in its initial phase, are responsible for the organic wearing off process that can lead to premature aging.

The exams include:

Blood / Urine

Blood: Hematology, biochemical, immunologic, rheumatic examinations, hepatography, complete lipidogramme, proteinogramme, oligoelements dosage, etc.

Urine: Complete.

Cardiac Evaluation

Ordinary electrocardiogramme and ergography (effort electrocardiogram).


Including analysis of liver, gall bladder, biliary vias, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, abdominal aorta, uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, prostate gland and bladder.

Eye Fundus

Analysis of the retina vessel in order to determine the biologic stages of the arterial decline (prevention of arteriosclerosis).

Stress Measure

Mediante equipos adecuados se determinarß la escala de stress del paciente (BIO-STRESS MONITOR).

Complete Clinic Analysis

Including neural, genitourinary and sexual analyses


Through this analysis, we will determine the energy reduction of each organ, caused by a disease or merely by aging. This diagnosis is fundamental in preventive medicine.

Arterial Doppler

This analysis allows the observation of the arterial thickness, circulatory speed and flow, early detecting the presence of vascular troubles to prevent arteriosclerosis.

Bony Densitometry

Evaluation of bony calcification. Diagnosis, prognostic and evolution of osteoporosis.

Radiology Analysis

Thorax and spine