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Centro de Revitalizacion Biologica

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"Biological Revitalization is the therapy of the future since, as from the third millenium, medicine will be of health and not of sickness (Ionas Salk)"



To be tired is normal, to be always tired is not.
Nowadays, special attention is given to a series of symptoms which, not being an organic disease themselves, create such discomfort in those who suffer from them that they are compelled to consult a physician and , many times, even make them give up their jobs due to the psycho physical decline they cause.

It was believed that the advent of task automation through machines would release us from tiredness (fatigue). However, the number of tired people has considerably gone up. Nowadays tiredness is rarely physical. It does not vanish after a well-slept night or after a quiet weekend.

Frequently, tiredness drags on for weeks or even months and it has no association to effort. It turns out to be a symptom, common to many people, and it is called asthenia.

Asthenia can be partially linked to organic diseases and partially to annoyance or stress in our daily routine, be it at work or in our own private life.

As soon as we feel tired, our metabolic reserves need to be restored. Tiredness is part of our body intelligence because it has the role of the the alarm sign or "red light". It is important to be aware of the message and to know how to interpret it.

Fatigue is universal and it represents a normal reaction of human beings, such as hunger and sleep. Fatigue is an immediate sensation each of us can realize and verbalize.

Every striving represents a waste that has to be reimbursed. Fatigue shows that there is a debit and that balance is zero. The danger arises when we ignore this alarm. We then risk being insolvent and reserves tend to extinguish.

Chronic fatigue is characterized by a sensation of tiredness when we wake up, growing during the day.It is an emotional tension followed by muscle pain on the nape of the neck, shoulder blades and on the joints, even when there is no important striving. The person becomes easily irritated and directs his increasing aggressiveness to his bosses, colleagues, partners and children.
These people have insomnia at night or they fall in deep dreams which cause nightmares (many of them take sleeping pills). They have diffuse headaches, lack of concentration and memory, lack of energy and vigor. Diminishing of energy and sexual appeal are important symptoms.

Depression and tiredness go hand-in-hand, especially when the person sees his vital principles destroyed. The relationship between neurosis and fatigue is subtler and generally point to conflicts that should be deeply analysed.

In1990, the Center of Biological Revitalization published an interesting statistics article about 1250 patients ( publication cientific)with several functional and/or organic pathologies. One of the predominant symptoms of these pathologies was the chronic fatigue. In that document we could observe the benefits of modern biologic therapies to treat these kind of symptoms.

In fact, we conclude that a general specialized
check-up is fundamental to measure the evolution of organic wearing off (including the Bio-Energetic Diagnosis). Depending on the case, we can make use of biologic therapy to reload the fuel the patient has lost (EMBRIONINAS«, Amino Acids, Oligo Elements, Enzymes). We insist on the importance of psychotherapy - when indicated - of correct nutrition and of physical activity on a regular basis.

To finalize , we would like to stress the fact that chronic fatigue should not be minimized. The patient must seek the help of qualified physicians to assist him. An essential element when fighting against fatigue is to detect its cause, in order to treat it or prevent it. Fatigue has not yet been defeated. It simply changes its mask.