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Centro de Revitalizacion Biologica

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The Center of Biological Revitalization is the only Latin American institution which holds an exclusive license from European laboratories (in Germany and France) in order to therapeutically use the EMBRIONINAS« , according to in-force agreements, which guarantee the reputation of the products with such denomination in what refers to the commercial and therapeutic use of these products, their application, advertising, development (Law 22.362) and coverage, according to patent and intellectual property standards (item 172 and penal code and law 11723). All the medicinal products have been registered and certified by the Public Health Department of the countries from which they have been imported. On the other hand, the Center of Biological Revitalization is also the owner of all the intellectual properties of the brands, patents, registrations of EMBRIONINAS« leaflets and publications. The deliberate use by third parties of part or of all the above mentioned texts, without the express authorization written by the Center of Biological Revitalization, will constitute violation of the mentioned legal protections and the responsible agent will be brought to court on grounds of effective or potential damages, or for any other loss caused, irrespective of the pertinent penal actions.