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Centro de Revitalizacion Biologica

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"The Biological Revitalization is the healths medicine, not the medicine of sickness, not the one dealing with the physical deterioration, but the one which prevents and avoids."

The embryotherapy, based on EMBRIONINAS«, is the most modern therapy of biological revitalization. These products are natural agents with biostimulating and regenerative properties of organic activities. In their purest state they have an energetic power thousands of times higher than other products known to-date.

They are the authentic natural fuel the organs need to recover throughout their lifetime.
They are extracted from the embryonic layers of the Swidae in the first weeks of gestation. They have no side effects and cause neither allergic problems nor rejection. They are natural products and absorption is always 100%

The combination of EMBRIONINAS« and Orthomolecular medicine (amino acids, enzymes, oligo elements etc.) promotes and accelerates its revitalizing activity, reaching the maximum of its benefits

These substances, rich in nucleic acids, minerals, vitamins and stimulating biophore, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc, among others, will neutralize the physical and psychic effects of organic decline.

The undesirable signs of deterioration normally start without the patient?s awareness, gradually increasing resulting in fatigue, diminished concentration and memory, unsatisfactory sexual performance, rheumatic affections, arteriosclerosis, premature wrinkles etc


In all such cases, treatment with EMBRIONINAS« may revert the scenario or subtantially delay the evolution of the illness.


EMBRIONINAS« are administered orally and sublingually. The results of the check-up duly evaluated by our medical staff will indicate the right method of administration.